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The TradePlayz ICO has ended. But the project will continue on, to the heights it was destined to reach, if not via blockchain, then via other means. Click here to read more.
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Tournament PvP system

The games are held in a playoff tournament style with a true environment that breeds competition. Survival of the fittest. The games are conducted and based on real time quotes coupled with blockchain technology. The ZED token is issued by us and is the official currency of the TradePlayz platform that sources all transactions.

7 types of games, a mode for every style of player:
from large tournaments with a guaranteed prize fund
to private and customized wagers between users / players.

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Player vs player
Real players in real time with real quotes. Based on blockchain technology so that there is always a guarantee of safe, fair and honest game play between users.
Totaly legal
TradePlayz is a game of skill. It relies solely upon the mentality and financial knowledge of the player. There are no shortcuts, no tricks, no aces up anyones sleeve. This is what not only makes our platform fair, but makes it legal and an amazing opportunity for players of all skill levels.
Earn rewards on the cryptomarket without holding any actual positions. Analyze the currency rates as they climb and fall in the markets. Explore the most volatile and rapidly increasing industry of the century.
Our team
We believe that the competition, fun and excitement of trading can be obtained through an honest, fair and engaging platform - that is why we built TradePlayz. Based on blockchain technology to ensure honesty and accuracy, with real players and real markets; we have created the premier fantasy cryptotrading platform in the world. Our users / players can play the markets with low risk and win big!