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The TradePlayz ICO has ended. But the project will continue on, to the heights it was destined to reach, if not via blockchain, then via other means. Click here to read more.
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Token sale stages
Tournament PvP system

The games are held in a playoff tournament style with a true environment that breeds competition. Survival of the fittest. The games are conducted and based on real time quotes coupled with blockchain technology. The ZED token is issued by us and is the official currency of the TradePlayz platform that sources all transactions.

7 types of games, a mode for every style of player:
from large tournaments with a guaranteed prize fund
to private and customized wagers between users / players.

Available now on:

Player vs player
Real players in real time with real quotes. Based on blockchain technology so that there is always a guarantee of safe, fair and honest game play between users.
Totaly legal
TradePlayz is a game of skill. It relies solely upon the mentality and financial knowledge of the player. There are no shortcuts, no tricks, no aces up anyones sleeve. This is what not only makes our platform fair, but makes it legal and an amazing opportunity for players of all skill levels.
Earn rewards on the cryptomarket without holding any actual positions. Analyze the currency rates as they climb and fall in the markets. Explore the most volatile and rapidly increasing industry of the century.
Our team
We believe that the competition, fun and excitement of trading can be obtained through an honest, fair and engaging platform - that is why we built TradePlayz. Based on blockchain technology to ensure honesty and accuracy, with real players and real markets; we have created the premier fantasy cryptotrading platform in the world. Our users / players can play the markets with low risk and win big!

Time to Play!

Finally, we can reap what we sew! We are PROUD and excited to announce – the TradePlayz app is available the iOS (Apple)! Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/tradeplayz/id1346604958?mt=8  

We are working hard and making sure it is in mint condition. But, if you do find anything wrong, if you have any suggestions, if you’d like to improve the app – PLEASE, contact us! Don’t be shy. We want, no, we NEED your opinion. We can only make it better by working together! Waiting for your feedback, meanwhile – go GET ZED and enjoy the application, TradePlayz! Raise the Stakes! 


Things are going well, really well - lots of meetings, phone calls, conferences. We are really happy with our progress, but it could always be better! Only a little bit left until the 1,500,000 mark! Go GET ZED while it’s the most optimal price / download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tradeplayz.game. Looking forward to hearing from all of you, and thank you again for all of your support and feedback. We’re glad we have you on this journey!

Main Stage

Here we go, round 2. It’s time for our ICO main stage, meaning it’s the main token sale event, and there won’t be another one. The token sale will be broken down into various stages up until 15.04.2018, and during each stage the token will have different prices, starting from lowest ($0.40) and going up! You can find out all the details in our White Paper and our website (the first two pages). Feel free to message us with any questions you might have! Looking forward to your support, and to making TradePlayz a great place, together! 

Swiss-Army Knives

Phew! Finally we managed to assemble our team (or should we say army :D) of Swiss-Army Knives. Meaning, all of our team members not only have an area expertise of their own, but they are also extremely proficient in other areas as well, and basically, everyone does everything. And we are truly proud we managed to assemble not only a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-religious team, but also a team of true dedicated professionals who put their souls into this project, because they believe in TradePlayz! Thank you everyone for your resumes, we are sorry we couldn’t take more. We will keep you in mind for the future! Raise the Stakes!

New Beginnings

Greetings all! Its 2018, and it feels great! After having some time off to spend it with our families and loved ones (because they practically don’t see us due to work haha) – we are back at it, right back into the fray. And to be honest, it feels good. Idle hands make idle minds! Well, time to get to work – we wish you all a great day, week, month and year! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It was a very difficult year, and especially towards the end. But now we can happily leave it behind and move onward onto 2018 with open arms, onto the future with TradePlayz! 2018 will be an AMAZING year, and we know it, and so do you! Just don’t stop believing! On behalf of every TradePlayz team member - we wish you a great New Year and hope to see you in 2018, in TradePlayz! Raise the Stakes!


Let’s get this show on the road! We are beginning our PRE-ICO token sale for early, eager buyers. Some of you have already showed a great amount of interest in our project, and words cannot begin to explain how happy and grateful we are! The PRE-ICO period will continue for a whole week until 27.12.2017, the tokens will have a generous 75% discount ($0.25 per token!). Thank you all for your support! Raise the Stakes!


Moscow is enveloped by snow and a finger-biting cold, but we are not worried about that, because we are sharing a cup of warm, delicious coffee with the best within the blockchain industry, and presenting TradePlayz. 

#cryptoconference  2017 – is definitely a success. Our co-founder – Nikita Krestyanikov (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kitkr/) already ran out of his business cards before noon! The organizers managed to gather an incredible amount of people on this event. There are three fully-operational lecture halls and a marvelous expo, most people don’t even know what to focus their attention on, as there are so many interesting projects! Not to mention all the amazing conversations regarding the future of blockchain and the abundance of vital information! 

Moscow, Skolkovo - no doubt we will return here again, thank you! 



 Amsterdam is always a vibrant city and especially one for international business development. After getting in from Schipol to Central Station Michael Todd our Corporate Business Development Director (https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltodd7/ ) headed for the hotel to check in. The next 48 hours consisted of 3 meetings with potential investors in settings only Amsterdam provides so uniquely. The ICO Event was a non-stop crowd of entrepreneurs and tech business professionals. Conversation, after conversation of discussing TradePlayz with others and listening to their projects as well. Amsterdam was a great success in telling over 1000+ blockchain / crypto / tech professionals about everything new TradePlayz is doing and discovering how we fit into the ever evolving tech universe.




In my opinion, Minsk – is one of the most beautiful cities of CIS. And while not really related to it – that is where we have decided to begin our Pre-ICO road-show.

At first, we viewed Smart-Teller as a platform to train our skills, but it turned out that the event held over 1000 people! So we had to give it our best, because otherwise it would be impossible for two people without any oratory experience to look as good as we did!

The organizers promised to upload the video of our presentation, so we are eagerly anticipating to share it you! Meanwhile, here are a few photos of us, our partners, and our info-stand: 



First marketing materials!

Finally we’ve received our advertising materials! I won’t be telling you how awesome they are and why, I’ll just add a few photos here. 





We have a quite a few events scheduled and we’re about to hit the road very, very soon. We’ve got some cool promo materials ready, but there is still a metric ton of work to be done. Check out our promo-video! 



Sometime in the future we will be giving interviews to major publications such as BuzzFeed; Forbes will be interested to know our income; Donald Trump will ask us to invest in the construction of The Great Mexican Wall. But for now we are gathering our team, building the application brick by brick, and continue to analyze the ICO market. Oh, and we’re also trying to write our first post on our website.

At the moment we are looking for:

Frontend-developer with a profound knowledge of Angular JS;

Community-manager with amazing English language skills;  

Designer (UX-/UI);



Waiting for your resumes at nk@tradeplayz.com