What is a Fanz?

Fanz are enthusiastic volunteers within our community who support the TradePlayz ecosystem in various ways, particularly by aiding the TradePlayz community and advancing the crypto movement. They are at the core of community building, representing diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, giving voice to both our TradePlayz ecosystem and our cherished Fanz.

How to become a fanZ?

Get involved in our chats, share our content, and lend a helping hand to newbies! You could translate TradePlayz’s posts into your native language or flag any troublemakers for our admins.

Also, fill out this form so we’ll be sure to spot you!

Why is it cool to be a fanZ?

Our most active members will get access to a special fanZ chat where we hang out, share insider info, and become great friends! You’ll also have the chance to chat directly with our devs and learn all the tips and tricks for making the most of TradePlayz.

Plus, fanZ get cool stuff like branded merch and tickets to events.

And here’s the best part – when we’re looking to fill new positions (development, marketing, or design), fanZ will get a leg up.